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Friday, January 19, 2018

Change Makers

We had a great week in third grade. Students listened to books about Martin Luther King Jr. and thought about ways they might be able to bring about small changes each day to help others and speak up when needed. Even kids can have a voice and be a change maker!

On January 23rd students will get to be a part of a special presentation given by Don Tassie a former teacher, principal, and superintendent who lives the life of a change maker. He will be educating the class on how to BE MORE KIND, the mantra of his grassroots movement to bring kindness everywhere across all barriers. Keep a lookout for special pics and celebrations from next Tuesday as we challenge ourselves to be kinder to all. 


As we begin to dig into theme within our texts students analyzed quotes from famous dreamers and thinkers from history and present day. Students then created a quote to inspire others to think about what matters most to each of them and turned themselves into a comic. Below are some examples of students' Comic Quotes!

Theme is a difficult concept for students to understand and relates to connections sometimes outside of our own experiences. As students begin to read books that have universal lessons and ideas they are challenged to think deeply about how an author weaves evidence throughout a text that supports conclusions about possible themes in a story.


This week we organized our writing binders and straightened up our previous stories and essays. Some students brought home some older drafts that they didn't feel they needed at school. Right now we are immersed in our Realistic Fiction Unit of Study. It can be tough for students to create a character as well as a believable situation for the character to encounter. So far students have planned and drafted with bits of revision here and there. We are preparing to publish stories of our choice before February 8th in preparation for the special Brainstormers Team that will be back in March!


We did a spelling development check-in this week. Students did not need to study for this assessment. We discussed at conferences that I would be giving this spelling test three times per year. This will give me some insight on how students are doing with spelling patterns. I will give this assessment a final time at the end of May.


Students brought home an addition strategies assessment as well as a quiz we took from our current unit. We will be taking our first unit test covering addition and subtraction at the end of the month.
We also started playing a game called, What Time is It, with our math partners. We will be learning time to the minute as well as solving for elapsed time within word problems.

Social Studies:

Students are bringing home part one of our unit two social studies test. We have discussed the first people and will be transitioning to settlers and pioneer time in Michigan's history in the coming weeks. On January 26th we will be celebrating Michigan's Birthday! Stay tuned to the website and STAR Binder for information regarding this special day.

Friday, January 5, 2018

New Snack Calendars January-March

Here are the new snack calendars. These, of course, can be accessed anytime using the tab above labeled, Snack Information. Please remember to review the guidelines for snack in our classroom in case you need a refresher!
I will send paper copies home today as well. 
Click the images below to enlarge. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Welcome Back!

Snack Calendars will hopefully (crossing my fingers) be up by this evening. I will update this post with the images if I get them finished. I plan on providing a snack for the remainder of this week.

We will be reviewing what a growth mindset is all about this week. Some of our activities will include the video below as well as filling in a Venn Diagram with a friend we don't know as well from our class. Having a growth mindset doesn't just apply to how we learn, but how we think. The way we think about our friends can evolve and change too! Making new friends and giving others a fresh start helps everyone grow in a positive way.

We also started reading Save Me a Seat, our new read-aloud chapter book for the next two weeks. Watch the book trailer below. 

I hope you all had a wonderful break and were able to relax and enjoy your families. We are getting back into the swing of things here at school!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Monday, December 18, 2017

Over the Break!

A few things to remember...

Please encourage your child to read over the break! I will be sending extra bookmarks (blue) with every student to bring home in their STAR Binder. Any books they complete over the break can be logged on the bookmark to add to their 40 Book Challenge count for the year!

Greg Tang Math is holding a New Year Math Challenge!
Check out the paper game board your child brought home today. The link below (click the image) will take you to the challenge information as well. Students can complete the game board over the break and bring it in on Wednesday, January 3rd when we return to be entered to win a signed book from Greg Tang! This is voluntary but might be a fun way to practice math over the break!

Students are bringing home two gifts for family members on Tuesday. These will be in white decorated gift bags. 

Don't forget! The Brainstormers Writing Club begins on January 9th at 7:30 a.m. For more information and to sign up your child, click below!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Making Our Way!

Reading and Writing

As readers and writers, we have been finishing up our opinion essay unit, reading mentor articles, responding in writing, and developing our own opinions when responding to argumentative writing essays.
As we wrapped up this unit, we took a break from the structure of essays to explore more ideas within poetry. Students worked through the entire writing process and published poems using figurative language with a focus on personification.
Taking cues from poets, we began to notice that sentence variety and punctuation play a big role in how we read certain types of writing. We also realized we can make intentional decisions with regard to sentence length and punctuation to really showcase our "writing voices."


Although we finished our first round of multiplication and division as a focus in our classroom, we will continue to review these concepts all year long and bring it back as a focus two more times during the school year. As of right now, our focus has shifted to addition and subtraction within 1, 000. We also began having conversations about rounding and estimation. Students have learned how important place value is when adding/subtracting and that place applies no matter what type of problem you are solving.

The class has been doing a great job working together as teams during our math block. Here are some examples of collaborative group charts they created together!


On Monday we have a volunteer coming to lead the students in a cookie decorating activity. Our party activities will take place on Tuesday afternoon, likely beginning around 1:30. I have plenty of helpers all set and there is no need to send in additional treats or snacks unless you have already talked with me about your plan.

Tuesday: Holiday Party Activities!

On Tuesday afternoon the class will be up to their elbows in fun activities! I wanted to let you know the plan so you can help accordingly.

We do not need any food, drinks, or snacks. Please refrain from sending in any items as we will not be snacking this time around.

Send in a board game, dice game, or card game with your child. The last portion of our party will be an hour of games.

We will be making fluffy slime! The ingredients in the slime are as follows:
  • ·         Elmer’s Glue
  • ·         Barbasol Sensitive Skin Shaving Cream
  • ·         Eye Contact Solution for Sensitive Eyes
  • ·         Food Coloring

We will do a school supplies gift exchange. I would ask that you not exceed $5-7.00 on the total cost of the gift. I would like all the wrapped items by Monday at the latest. As always, if you need assistance in providing a gift for the exchange I am happy to help.
Here is a list of ideas:

Color Pencils
Fancy Notebook
Watercolor Paint
Pencil Sharpener
Pencils (Any)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Holidays and Hoopla!

I hope you all had a wonderful extended weekend last week. I wanted to give you a few quick updates to get the end of the month wrapped up but will revisit this week with some classroom peeks as well.

Math night is Tuesday, November 29th here at FPE. Greg Tang Jr. is coming to host and teach students lots of games and activities to use at home. It will be well worth your time. 
The book fair will also be open! 

We are making our Santa's Breakfast ornaments this week!

We will do a school supplies gift exchange the last week prior to our winter break. I would ask that you not exceed $5-7.00 on the total cost of the gift. Girls will exchange with girls and boys will exchange with boys, however items one might consider "gender-specific" are not necessary. Items can be neutral or otherwise and chosen by the child if desired. Gifts should be wrapped and labeled "For a Girl, from _____" or "For a Boy, from_____." I would like all the wrapped items by December 15th. As always, if you need assistance in providing a gift for the exchange I am happy to help. We will celebrate with a few snacks, crafts, and our gift exchange on December 19th. 

Here is a list of ideas:

Color Pencils
Fancy Notebook
Watercolor Paint
Pencil Sharpener
Pencils (Any)