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Friday, May 11, 2018

HOME STRETCH! Keep a Look Out

Lots of information is coming home today. Please keep an eye out for THE THIRD GRADE CROSSOVER information letter to parents. This one is on bright yellow paper. Also, more information on the upcoming field trip to the Symphony and Museum is also coming home today. This is on pinkish salmon paper!

We are having a pencil and eraser sale next week! Look for the flyer coming home today!

If you have not turned in your child's time capsule letter, there is still time. If you need another copy of the note, let me know! I am collecting the letters as well as Mrs. Shrontz for this special project. The students are very excited and have been working for weeks to get things ready!

We finished testing for MStep. A few students are still working and will get extra time next week to complete the test. I was very impressed with how hard students worked on each test. They put in a great amount of effort and deserve an extra hug (or a treat)! :)

NWEA testing will begin next Thursday. We will take one test on Thursday morning. The remaining two tests will be the following week on Monday and Tuesday.

Dates to remember:
FUN-RUN is May 14th (for our class) @ 9:40 a.m.
Third Grade Crossover is on May 18th
Symphony and Museum is May 23rd
Sheepshank Sam is May 25th
Mileage Club ends on May 25th
Memorial Day, no school, May 28th
Track and Field is May 29th @ 11:10-12:10 at Cutler Field
Last day of school is June 8

Monday, May 7, 2018

This Week!

This week we will be taking the M-Step. To prepare and keep calm during the week, we each made our own calm down sensory kits. I find giving students tools to respond to nervousness or apprehension usually helps. Sometimes just knowing you have something or get to take a break to breathe calms you down enough before the anxiousness hits!

Students will enjoy some extra breakfast on two of the testing days thanks to the PTO and we will be sure to build in some extra recess time and downtime (ie., coloring, drawing, relaxation) to help balance out the intensity of the test. Your attitude toward the test can help or hurt their attitude this week. Keep in mind your child might be a little more tired, extra rest could help. Keep in mind they might need a little more time outside and away from screens, the test is on a computer. I appreciate you giving them an extra hug on their way out the door to give them a little boost of confidence!

Did your child tell you all about their research project? Students have been reading, researching, taking notes, and writing about new learning on a topic of their choice! Here are three students locked into their projects!

Students are brought home their UNIT 5 test today or Friday of last week! We are still going strong with fractions. Students have learned what a unit fraction is, what equivalent fractions are, how to identify fractions that represent the same named amount or equal amounts. We also learned how to represent fractions on a number line, with number models, pictures or objects.
In the last two weeks, several things have come home about upcoming events. One of the exciting activities students are participating in is a time capsule. Each parent was asked to write their child a letter for the time capsule. If you need more information please ask! 

Here is a look at the wind measuring instruments students finished in science last week.

 These three ladies made some paper chains out of old magazines in our MakerSpace area last week!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Fractions OH MY!


We started fractions this week!
The class has been working with lots of hands-on materials to really see, feel, and represent parts and wholes.

We used a digital tool to show fractions using Cuisenaire Rods (which we have used at school as well).
Check out the website below by clicking on the image!

We did a few of these together. If students visit the site they can try a few on their own!

We also used the rods to show how parts and wholes can be equal to each other. This helps to build the understanding as we begin to move from concrete objects to more abstract numbers and models (pictures) of fractions.

If you have some graham crackers at home, see if your child can determine the fraction of pieces. What is the unit fraction?

The same can be done with sets of coins or groups of objects. The whole is the "set" and the individual pieces, are the "parts of the whole." See if your child can explain to you what they have learned about wholes, parts, numerator, and denominator!

Save the Date:

May 14th--The spring FUN RUN is scheduled for our class on May 14th at 9:40! Forms came home last Friday.

May 23rd--Students will attend the Lansing Symphony and take part in a great music experience! At this time, no chaperones are needed for this trip. More information will come home with details. If there is a change I will let you know as soon as I can.

May 25th--We are working to determine all the details but it looks like Lumberjack Day with Sheepshank Sam (a third-grade tradition) will take place on May 25th all day at Old Indian Creek Farm. Chaperones will be needed for this trip and more information will come home soon.


Students finished personal expertise writing and we finished reviewing the components of nonfiction pieces. The writers are ready to embark on research! Each student has chosen a topic and we have begun practicing notetaking strategies as well as keeping track of resources for our information. Students will learn to read and synthesize information (blend it with their own understanding) with their selected topics. Ask your child what topic they have chosen!

I will be gone Friday afternoon. The students will have already received their Friday Folder information from me before I leave. Be sure to look for a special note from Mrs. Shrontz about a time capsule project, as well as a family bowling event.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Unit Test and Blogging!


Students began blogging last week when we returned from spring break. They are now able to access the site, log in, create a blog post, and comment on our classroom writing community. Our first focus with blogging was to explore, learn to navigate the pages, and get some content published so we could practice commenting. Now that the students have grasped these concepts, I will be approving posts and comments that match their conventional writing ability. What is "conventional writing ability?"
Conventions are the little pieces of writing that make it readable to an audience. Spelling, punctuation, the spacing of paragraphs, capitalization of proper nouns and the beginning word in a sentence, as well as other aspects of grammar and sentence structure all play a role in how a message or piece of writing is interpreted and understood.
Students will be working to utilize their understandings and demonstrate them with increased accuracy to acquire publication status on their blog posts and comments to other students. Keep in mind this does not mean perfection. Children's writing should look like children's writing and match their developmental stage.

To check out your child's blog and our classroom site click the Technology Tab, scroll down to Writing Links, and select the first link in the list.


Students brought home sections of problems we have worked on in class as part of their multiplication/division math unit review. The most difficult task students are working through are multi-step word problems. We hope to begin portions of the test on Thursday and finish the test on Friday. Keep in mind the test is covering the following topics: Relationships Between Multiplication and Division, Solving Multiplication and Division Problems, and Multiplying by Multiples of 10. These three areas of focus match the information and work students have brought home over the past month.

Michigan eLibrary!

Students have been navigating and reading articles on the Michigan eLibrary site this week to practice listening to reading as well as reading articles on a screen. They have experience with these two skills, however, the Michigan eLibrary offers some fresh information and a whole database of resources! Check it out at home.


Ask your child about No Red Ink!

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Happy Spring!

Today students are bringing home the following:

  • April-June Snack Calendars (Please let me know if you see a mistake or missed birthday)
  • You can view the calendars online by clicking here!
  • Greg Tang Spring Math Challenge, Directions are on the paper!
  • Work from Unit 5 (Some students have work to finish).

I also assigned two new games on Pearson Realize. Remember, student usernames are their last name, first initial, and 20173

For example, my name, Betsy Hubbard would look like this: hubbardb20173
Students should remember their passwords. They are the same for their student login accounts.

We had a fun dance party yesterday in celebration of March is Reading Month!

Have a wonderful spring break. See you April 9!

Monday, March 26, 2018

Correction and update on Reading Month Celebrations!

The whole school read well over 2,000 books this month and has earned a dance party. Many teachers are offering the option of “dressing 80’s style” as part of our dance party celebration on Wednesday afternoon.

As a class, we have met our goal to read 100 BOOKS! Therefore, students may wear pajamas and bring a board game on Thursday for an afternoon board game hour! I am very proud of their hard work and they are very excited to share their games with the class.

If you have any questions, please let me know! 

Friday, March 23, 2018

Reading Month

Reading Celebration

Week 4 Reading Tickets are coming home today. Our classroom book total for the month is 83 books! We are going to try to reach 100 books (chapter books) read by our class for the month of March by next week. If we reach our goal, students will earn a board game day on Thursday.
We are also going to vote on either a Pajama Day or 80's Day for our outfits that day.

A panoramic shot of all the reading today!


The class is excited to share what they've been learning in music class! Their concert is next Tuesday, March 27. Please have your child at OHS auditorium by 6:50. The concert begins at 7:00 p.m.


We began multiplication and division, for our second round this year. Students took home their array cards and multiplication flash cards back in February. If by chance they lost their cards, I did show them how to make their own today. Students are also bringing home their geometry math test from unit four (we have had three unit tests this year--multiplication/division, addition/subtraction, geometry). There is a note attached to your child's test. Please read the note before reviewing the test with your child.
Our current unit is Unit Five and won't be finished for two-three weeks.