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Snack Information

Snack and Sharing Calendars

**Updated March 2018**

Due to the safety and health of students within our classroom, it is important that all snacks are free of any peanuts and tree nuts as the oils in these ingredients can easily be spread onto surfaces within the classroom. Please read all the information on this page and ask any questions you may have at any time. 

We have 25 students in our classroom. 

Please send enough snacks for everyone.

When it is your child's snack day, he/she is welcome to bring in something to "show or tell" for the class!

Please remember to check labels (no peanuts or tree nuts of any kind) and see the suggestions below the calendars. I CANNOT allow snacks with any safety concerns into the classroom, and I would hate to send home a child's snack as this can be very embarrassing. Please respect and follow the guidelines. As always, ask me if you have ANY questions or ideas!

Please send the original container or package with the snack so I can check the ingredients, especially for homemade treats (send me your recipe).  Also, if the snack requires plates, cups, or silverware, please provide enough of those items for each child in the classroom.  Students will be able to get drinks of water from the drinking fountain during snack time (and all day long).  As always, water bottles are welcome anytime. 

Birthday Treat Info:
Birthday treats WILL be allowed. Cupcakes from the store, with a label that do not have nuts directly in them or peanut butter icing, will be allowed. Sometimes the label will mention that there could be cross contamination, in those cases I will be having all students wash hands following the snack, and we will wash all surfaces. I know birthdays are special and want us to be able to celebrate your child's day. For this reason, I am making a minor exception, knowing that it will be infrequent and I will make time to clean following the treat. (Students with allergies have special treats in my cupboard for days such as these). 

Other options for birthday treats are welcomed as well as long as I have the ingredients. 
**Ideas include: 
Rice Krispie Treats (homemade or store bought-check label), Chips Ahoy Original Chocolate Chip Cookies (not an off brand), Original Oreos (not an off brand), Fruit Kabobs, Jello Cups, Pudding Cups 

To see a full-size image of the snack calendar click here! 


This is not a complete list of possible options. If you have an idea, let me know! 


 Seedless grapes
·         Applesauce or fruit cups
·         Apples or apple slices
·         Watermelon
·         Frozen mixed fruit/berries
·         Raisins
·         Clementines/oranges/tangerines
·         Mixed fruit tray


·         Baby carrots (possibly with ranch dressing, check the label--completely peanut and tree nut free)
·         Celery sticks
·         Mixed veggie tray (possibly with ranch dip--check label)


·         Cheese cubes
·         String cheese
·         Yogurt cups, go-gurt
·         Pudding cups


·         Graham crackers (check label)
·         Goldfish (Original Flavor)
·         Pretzels (Check the label, this one can vary on safety)
·         Cheez-its (Original Flavor)
·         Teddy Grahams (Check Label)
·         Scooby Doo Snacks (crackers)



Jell-O cups
·         Popcorn (Check Label)
·         Dry cereal in baggies (Check Label)

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