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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Math Practice Idea!

I wanted to share with you a fun resource for multiplication fact practice. Check it out!

  1. Enter your name
  2. Choose a set of multiplication values.
  3. Choose your timer (jigsaw mode lets you build a puzzle as you go).
  4. Choose “Individual.”
  5. Press start on the right side. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Mid-October Check-In!

Carnival Basket Update!

Thank you to those who have already sent in items for our "Teacher Survival Kit" carnival basket. Here is a list of some items we could still use!

Motrin (or other pain reliever)
Dayquil (or other daytime de-congestant)
Gift Cards:
(Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Subway,
Willow Tree, Tim's Pizza, Bigby, Starbucks)
Post-it Notes
Hand Lotion

Check out the information about third grade music and recorder purchases in your child's STAR Binder.

Don't forget to peek at the snack calendars. They are located at the top of this page if you click "Snack Information" and scroll down. Images of the snack calendar are near the bottom. If you click the image, it will enlarge for you to read. Thanks for being great snack helpers this week!

Next Two Week's Snack Helpers:
Monday--Aliyah   Tuesday--Emmalee   Wednesday--Mason  

Thursday--Kendall (1/2 Day)   Friday--No School

Monday--Mrs. Hubbard   Tuesday--Kristin   Wednesday--Tristan   

Thursday--Rayden   Friday--Kendon


The past two weeks, the class has been busily working on finishing up our personal narrative unit. Students are in the middle of working on publishing their pieces. Some students have chosen to type their stories. We learned how to use Google Docs and Google Classroom this week. I am leaving the link to directions on how to access the Google Doc from our Classroom account. If you click the link (here) you will find step by step directions telling you how to access the document. Students are not required to access this at home but several shared interest in working on their published pieces over the weekend so I wanted to offer this option.

Extra Tips: Your child's "G Suite for Education username" is the last 6 letters of their last name, first initial and then the following, ".2026@olivetstudent.org" Your child has logged into this account several times at school and it should sound familiar. If you are struggling to get your child to his/her document I'm happy to help. Just email me a message.

Example of G Suite username: hubbarb.2026@olivetstudent.org

Students should know their password as well. I will not publish that here, but if you need help, send me a message. 

Once a student is signed in it should take him/her to the "classroom." Click our classroom name (Hubbard 2016_17), then click the document. All students typing their stories have begun already so it should pop up and your child should be somewhat familiar with what to do from there. 

SIDE NOTE: I instructed the class that parents are not to edit/revise or re-work their entire story. These are third grade stories and should look like a third grader wrote them. I told students to tell parents not to "fix" their story even if they notice several spelling or punctuation errors. Parents can point out 2-3 fixes but nothing more. The point of this whole process is for each child to work to improve but none of them are perfect and their writing shouldn't look like an adult wrote it. Thanks for respecting these rules. If you have questions or concerns please ask me for clarification. I am happy to share and talk with you any time. 


Keep up the reading at home! Students are going strong during our reading block. This week we created plot timelines to show the progression of our stories and the most important events. Take a look near our classroom when you visit for conferences next week! 


Students had their first math quiz this week. They did a great job applying what they have learned so far! We continue to work on mastering multiplication facts for 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's. Remember that students can work on becoming fluent with these facts at home as well as work on Tenmarks for practice! Student login information for Tenmarks is taped inside their planner!

Word Work and Grammar

Students did a great job last week on their first spelling quiz. The words, favorite and people were tricky but several got them correct! Way to go! This week for spelling we did two quick check-in quizzes to re-check spelling levels in preparation for conferences. We will be adding to our word list next week and students will also have their own individual assigned words to practice at school (and at home if they wish). I am most concerned with students ability to spell words that come up frequently in their writing and their ability to apply spelling patterns across words as they use them. Frequent spelling tests do not assess the ability to actually use the words in writing so I am frequently checking in to see if there is carry-over.
In grammar this week we finished up our work with nouns. Students should now have a great understanding of common nouns, proper nouns, abstract nouns, concrete nouns, and pronouns.


Everyone has been assigned a conference time! If you forgot your day/time or need to reschedule please contact me as soon as possible! Also, if you have any questions or concerns that you can share with me beforehand I can be as prepared as possible. Please email me if needed!

Working Together

Student's Writing Goals

Our plot timelines!

Have a Great Weekend!