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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Chalkabration: April 2017

It was windy but we didn't let that get us down! The kids wrote some amazing poems. 

Check out the kids, the chalk, and the words! There are all different forms, styles, topics, and original ideas within each poem. Enjoy!


is fun
all the time
wait until you're done
it all will be so fun

Chalk is Wonderful

Chalk is wonderful
the way it is.
Chalk is made with so many colors.
Red, yellow green, cerulean, scarlet, indigo,
green, white, red orange,
violet red, orange, dandelion,
blue green, yellow orange.
Chalk is wonderful. 

Rippling through the water
fish jump
up and down
frog saying ribbit, ribbit,
bubbles, pop!


The sun is setting
really pretty
pink, orange, and yellow
in the sky.
I love to see all the color in the sky.
When I see all the color I feel bright inside. 

                 careful for people
           hard as a rock
                        Anthony is my friend

When I look in you,
I see Happiness
I see Joy
I see Smartness
I see Bravery.

When I look in you,
I see Speed
I see Wildness
 I see a Story
I see Love

I see Poetry!

The sky is
blue and so
are you.


One icecream cone
an hour later
2 cupcakes
2 hours later
candy and when it is dinner time
I'm all sugared up!!

Woo Hoo!!!! 

           Rum a rum yum
     Apple flavor


When I
was walking
some stairs I
saw a 
staring at me
her finger nails
were long
she was tall
and had 
some curly hair.

What Do You See?

What do you see?
Please tell me
Could you see:

A person
with a
halo above,
A nerd,
A verb,

Please tell me
What do you see?

"I see

Tell Me

Tell me I'm funny.
Tell me I'm cute.
Tell me I'm awesome.
Tell me I'm sweet.
Tell me I'm strong.
Tell me I'm talented.
Tell me I'm beautiful.
Tell me I'm perfect
but tell me I'm the best. 


are camouflage
they can change 
into any color. 

Clearwater, shining sun
waterfall, cool, cold water
chill, bubble, pop, splashing

Hot as a fireball
on a summer day.
Cool as an ice breaker
on a winter morning.
Happy as laffy taffy
on a spring morning. 

               having a fun time
         life drawn out
                        kids drawing a new life

Tell Me

Tell me I'm strong.
Tell me I'm brave.
Tell me I'm smart.
Tell me I'm cute.
Tell me I'm talented, 
helpful and beautiful.
Tell me I'm loveable
but tell me the truth. 


A ford
is very
nice it has 
sweet wheels
driving nice 
down the road
seeing cars 
flying by
it has a 
V8 motor.

Tell Me

Tell me I'm kind.
Tell me I'm grand.
Tell me I'm fun
but tell me what you think of me. 


Gold, glitter,
Treasure hunt, rich
Jackpot and money!

                       Having fun drawing
                    Looking beautiful
            Kids drawing

            Over the top

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

MSTEP Schedule

Image result for child taking a test clipart

Hi Families,

Next week we will begin the MStep, our state standardized test. Our main testing days are Tuesday-Thursday. The make-up days will fall within the following dates: May 5-May 12.

The test, though time-consuming, will be broken up into parts and we will give breaks when needed. This should not be a stressful situation for your child but it can be upsetting to children when they feel a lot of pressure. I will not be putting a lot of pressure on the students. I will encourage them to do their best, take their time, and answer questions with as much accuracy as they are able.
I would appreciate you doing the same. Give them a good breakfast and an extra hug next week. I will try giving them some extra recess and free time as needed to give their brains and eyes a break.

Please let me know if you have questions.
If your child is going to be absent, knowing in advance will help in the planning process. Please let me know as soon as you can. Also, keep in mind, if your child is ill, as much as I want them here for the main testing days, we have make-up days for this reason.

Thank you!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Updates and News from the Week


New snack calendars were sent home today (Thursday) through the end of the year. You can also visit the snack calendars anytime here.

SCHOLASTIC BOOK ORDER: I sent home a book order today so you and your child can start making decisions for summer reading! I will try and send at least one more book order before the end of the year in addition to this one. You can order online, using our classroom code: H4G6X
You can send in a check for the total amount due and the paper order form.
All forms of ordering, online or paper, are due by noon on April 25th!

I added a new tab on the main page of our classroom blog this week called, Technology Links. It is located right next to the snack calendar link near the top of the main page here at Hubbard's Headlines. Be sure to check these out! 


The class is moving along with fractions! This week we worked to create fractions on a number line and fractions on a grid. Hopefully some light bulbs and connections are being made. Very often students are making guesses or are unsure. I think they are getting closer to understanding the concept of what a fraction is and how they function in their lives. It's a tough subject to tackle at this age. Support students at home as much as you can.
A couple weeks ago I sent some ideas to try along with a parent note. Hopefully you received these ideas. Also, you can give this a try! A website with lots of links to games and activities all related to fractions.


Earlier this week I posted all of our activities related to poetry! We have lots we are working on, take a peek here in case you missed it.


We have been working on reading and identifying figurative language in writing, mostly poetry. Ask your child what an idiom, hyperbole, personification, or metaphor/simile is this week and see if they can give you an example.


We began our economics unit this week! We talked about some of the basics, which was a review from previous grade levels, as well as natural, human, and capital resources.

Have a great weekend and holiday!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Lots of Fun and New Adventures Are Coming!

April is poetry month! 

We will be doing a lot of poetry reading, writing, and celebrating. Here is a rundown of what we are up to:

Check out your child's blog here.

They should be able to login from home. If they have forgotten their password, send me an email and I will respond with the information. All the posts are public but only visible once I have approved the post. You may notice some errors. Not every child is working on the same skill and we are all at different places within our writing journeys. Please be kind and encouraging to your child.

You may remember us using a Padlet to record favorite lines of poetry. Students will be visiting this with more frequency this month as they read poems that inspire. You can visit our Padlet here.

For students who were part of the Rising Writers Club, Amy LudwigVanderwater from The Poem Farm visiting virtually on our last day of club. This month the whole class will be enjoying her poems at her website. We will be visited often as she celebrates poetry using crayons for inspiration.

Check out her website here.  http://www.poemfarm.amylv.com/

You can also see her Padlet with the crayon project here.

And...a really neat video on how crayons are made here.

As an end of the month celebration, the class and I will be doing Chalkabration! This is poetry written in chalk and shared with other poets, authors, and classrooms around the globe. Take a look at what Chalkabration is all about here.