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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Highlights as We Approach 2017!

We had a great day! Kids have a few little gifts wrapped up for families so be sure to get those out of backpacks and under the tree! Also, we did a locker clean out today. Kids are bringing home as much as they could. :)

I have updated the snack information with calendars for January, February and March. Please take a peek. I will try to keep you reminded on your child's day but you can check back here anytime by clicking on the snack information tab and clicking the images. This really helps me out. I often have to provide a snack 1-2 times per week. As much as I love your children it does get challenging for me to always have a full cupboard. I do REALLY appreciate how thoughtful families have been when it comes to the allergies we have in our classroom. All your cooperation and care has been amazing. 

Here is January!

Click image to enlarge.

Take a look at the past few weeks!

Our door decoration completely kid created using imagination and creativity!

Emmalee, Graci, Jordyn, and Kristen (not pictured) created the letters for our door decoration. 

We won the "Golden Note" award!

Sydney was our super star reader this time around!

Graci--Our top Kind and Caring student!
Also, Kristen was our student of the month for third grade! (not pictured)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Party Plan

Hi families! 
I bet you've been wondering what our plan for next Tuesday will be. 
I've got it here for you. 

Party Food and Plan

Next Tuesday, December 20th we will have an end of 2016 celebration. This week we are reading stories from the Little House on the Prairie picture book series. This ties in with our current social studies unit. On Tuesday, we will watch the first episode from the television series to get a better idea of what life was like back in "the old days."

We will snack on some safe movie snacks/treats. We made a plan today and decided who would bring what items to the party. Please check with your child, if he/she opted to bring something it should be written in your child's planner.

Gift Exchange

We will also have a gift exchange. We talked at length about this and how it will work. Students will be gifting each other with school supplies. We brainstormed many options (pens, markers, crayons, notebooks, pencils, erasers, scissors, paints, glue, etc.). I ask that students please try to spend right around $5.00 on their gift. I also mentioned, because this is VERY short notice, that anyone who is unable to supply a gift will be given some items to wrap for the exchange. I am happy to provide these items. If you know in advance that it will be too challenging to purchase items for the exchange please let me know. I will do the shopping this weekend.

If students could please send the wrapped up school supplies labeled with their name and the words "to a boy" or "to a girl" by next Monday that would be great! Girls will exchange with girls and boys with boys. We will play a fun game to exchange the gifts so please do not put another students name on the gift.

I will be adding more TenMarks Assignments soon! 

Monday, November 28, 2016

Quick Update

Though it may not be necessary, I did want to apologize for my frequent absences and lack of communication lately. Just as I would be understanding of you I’m sure you are understanding of my situation. Please know that I am in the midst of playing catch up and sifting through a lot of paperwork to prepare for report cards. The end of the trimester is Friday and report cards will be coming home sometime after December 8th. This week I am focusing on checking in on several skills to see where some holes may be and will attempt to fill them before assessment time.

This week I will do a quick assessment to see if students have jumped a level. If it appears they have moved I will try my best to do a full assessment prior to report cards. These assessments are very time consuming but I will do my best.

I am hoping to do a final essay this week to score on Friday. I will be looking for paragraph development, strong opinions supported by reasons and evidence, as well as good structure, punctuation, and capitalization.

We are reviewing everything this week. I will be developing a review for students to use prior to a check-in assessment. We have taken three quizzes this trimester. Those scores along with fluency checks for multiplication and the review assessment will all determine the final grades on the report card. I will send the review home by Friday and we will have the review assessment early next week to give us plenty of time.

Social Studies:
Students took their unit one test today. We will begin our new unit sometime next week.

Students have had two spelling tests as well as multiple check-ins during writing conferences to give me a good reference for spelling progress. We did not get a new list in November so students will receive a short list of 6-8 words in December to be tested before the winter break.

Friday, November 4, 2016


The kids and I had a fantastic week! Halloween was a super success and they really did an amazing job even with all the distraction of candy, costumes, and craziness.

Snack Helpers Next Week:

M-Owen (Happy Birthday)


We are in the throes of our persuasive essay unit! The class worked on some flash drafts, brainstorming topics, leads, and intros this week! We also worked on using a "boxes and bullets" strategy for planning and discussed the difference between statements and opinion statements.


The class finished up Winn Dixie and we watched the film on Monday. Through the beginning of the week, we used favorite characters and connected it to our essay unit. Students also wrote some reflections about the book and we discussed themes and characters. We began a new chapter book on Tuesday! 


We are working hard to become fluent multipliers! We continue to work on seeing the relationship between multiplication and division. This week we worked on strategies for multiplying by 3's and 4's. Students also worked to create equations with two operations!

Twitter INFO

I have a classroom Twitter account but have found it difficult to get to my computer during the day to capture moments. It's a little easier on my phone, which is connected to my personal account. So, that said, if you want to check out my personal Twitter page @Betsy_writes you will see occasional tweets. I also tag @FPE_Olivet and #EagleNationPride.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Math Practice Idea!

I wanted to share with you a fun resource for multiplication fact practice. Check it out!

  1. Enter your name
  2. Choose a set of multiplication values.
  3. Choose your timer (jigsaw mode lets you build a puzzle as you go).
  4. Choose “Individual.”
  5. Press start on the right side. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Mid-October Check-In!

Carnival Basket Update!

Thank you to those who have already sent in items for our "Teacher Survival Kit" carnival basket. Here is a list of some items we could still use!

Motrin (or other pain reliever)
Dayquil (or other daytime de-congestant)
Gift Cards:
(Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Subway,
Willow Tree, Tim's Pizza, Bigby, Starbucks)
Post-it Notes
Hand Lotion

Check out the information about third grade music and recorder purchases in your child's STAR Binder.

Don't forget to peek at the snack calendars. They are located at the top of this page if you click "Snack Information" and scroll down. Images of the snack calendar are near the bottom. If you click the image, it will enlarge for you to read. Thanks for being great snack helpers this week!

Next Two Week's Snack Helpers:
Monday--Aliyah   Tuesday--Emmalee   Wednesday--Mason  

Thursday--Kendall (1/2 Day)   Friday--No School

Monday--Mrs. Hubbard   Tuesday--Kristin   Wednesday--Tristan   

Thursday--Rayden   Friday--Kendon


The past two weeks, the class has been busily working on finishing up our personal narrative unit. Students are in the middle of working on publishing their pieces. Some students have chosen to type their stories. We learned how to use Google Docs and Google Classroom this week. I am leaving the link to directions on how to access the Google Doc from our Classroom account. If you click the link (here) you will find step by step directions telling you how to access the document. Students are not required to access this at home but several shared interest in working on their published pieces over the weekend so I wanted to offer this option.

Extra Tips: Your child's "G Suite for Education username" is the last 6 letters of their last name, first initial and then the following, ".2026@olivetstudent.org" Your child has logged into this account several times at school and it should sound familiar. If you are struggling to get your child to his/her document I'm happy to help. Just email me a message.

Example of G Suite username: hubbarb.2026@olivetstudent.org

Students should know their password as well. I will not publish that here, but if you need help, send me a message. 

Once a student is signed in it should take him/her to the "classroom." Click our classroom name (Hubbard 2016_17), then click the document. All students typing their stories have begun already so it should pop up and your child should be somewhat familiar with what to do from there. 

SIDE NOTE: I instructed the class that parents are not to edit/revise or re-work their entire story. These are third grade stories and should look like a third grader wrote them. I told students to tell parents not to "fix" their story even if they notice several spelling or punctuation errors. Parents can point out 2-3 fixes but nothing more. The point of this whole process is for each child to work to improve but none of them are perfect and their writing shouldn't look like an adult wrote it. Thanks for respecting these rules. If you have questions or concerns please ask me for clarification. I am happy to share and talk with you any time. 


Keep up the reading at home! Students are going strong during our reading block. This week we created plot timelines to show the progression of our stories and the most important events. Take a look near our classroom when you visit for conferences next week! 


Students had their first math quiz this week. They did a great job applying what they have learned so far! We continue to work on mastering multiplication facts for 1's, 2's, 5's and 10's. Remember that students can work on becoming fluent with these facts at home as well as work on Tenmarks for practice! Student login information for Tenmarks is taped inside their planner!

Word Work and Grammar

Students did a great job last week on their first spelling quiz. The words, favorite and people were tricky but several got them correct! Way to go! This week for spelling we did two quick check-in quizzes to re-check spelling levels in preparation for conferences. We will be adding to our word list next week and students will also have their own individual assigned words to practice at school (and at home if they wish). I am most concerned with students ability to spell words that come up frequently in their writing and their ability to apply spelling patterns across words as they use them. Frequent spelling tests do not assess the ability to actually use the words in writing so I am frequently checking in to see if there is carry-over.
In grammar this week we finished up our work with nouns. Students should now have a great understanding of common nouns, proper nouns, abstract nouns, concrete nouns, and pronouns.


Everyone has been assigned a conference time! If you forgot your day/time or need to reschedule please contact me as soon as possible! Also, if you have any questions or concerns that you can share with me beforehand I can be as prepared as possible. Please email me if needed!

Working Together

Student's Writing Goals

Our plot timelines!

Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Homework FAQ

Image result for homework

Here are some common questions you might be having. Every teacher is a little different. If you ever have questions please give me a call or email. However, this might clear up any confusion you have related to homework.

Why doesn't my child have much homework this year?
I really believe strongly that children need down time as much as they need challenges. It is important to me that students work hard while at school. I understand that sometimes a worksheet or practice page is helpful to parents when they want to see exactly what their child is working on. However, I find that often this just creates busy work for students who already "get it" and confusion for those who are struggling. I will occasionally send a worksheet but more regularly I will send a game for practice with a skill. I hope this makes sense. For more information on homework, click on the tab labeled Homework Information at the top of this page.

How many minutes should my child be reading a night? Do I need to sign the bookmark?
Reading every day can really give your child an edge on accelerating not just their reading level but their confidence. I recommend that students read 80 or more minutes a week. That could be ten minutes one day, 30 minutes another day and so on depending on your schedule. As far as signing the bookmark, if you would like to get in the habit of signing it, this will likely be required in fourth grade. I will not be penalizing students that come to school without a signature. I will be having conversations with students if it looks like they are not reading at home regularly.

What is my child doing in math?
You can always check your child's planner to see what we have been learning in math workshop each day.

I see on the Homework Information tab it says 30-60 minutes of math practice a week. What types of things should my child practice?
I will occasionally send home a worksheet or activity. More often I will send a game or instructions for a game that can be practiced over and over. Other games that you have at home might be a good option as well. TenMarks is also an option for your child. Login information is in the planner.

If my child is struggling to do work at home, what should I do?
If your child is struggling to read his/her book or having difficulty completing a task, please let me know. I'm happy to help figure out if it is a problem with the skill or task.

Should I be signing the planner every night?
In fourth grade signing the planner every night will likely be expected. If you want to practice getting in the routine now you can sign it every night. I will not be checking for signatures. However, if you want to jot a note to me it is a good place to communicate, (as long as your child lets me know).

Will there be spelling tests?
Yes, we will begin spelling tests soon (in October). You can take a look at this newsletter for ideas when practicing the words for the week/month. If you ever need a new list just let me know!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Highlights from the Week!

I hope the first few weeks of school have been a success for all! Students have been working really hard to be independent, persevere, and take responsibility.

Picture Day is September 27th 

Don't forget to peek at the snack calendars. They are located at the top of this page if you click "Snack Information" and scroll down. Images of the snack calendar are near the bottom. If you click the image, it will enlarge for you to read. Thanks for being great snack helpers this week!

Next Week's Snack Helpers:






This week students wrote a letter to a "future student" about a time they struggled and how they got through the difficulty. We also worked in our notebooks and tried out some exercises related to including details in our personal narrative stories. Last week, we took a little trip to the playground to work on writing with sensory details!  


Reading habits and attitudes can make or break a reading life. Students are learning to notice the good and the bad. We talked about setting goals and working through distraction when reading. I am in the process of assessing reading levels so students can make good choices as well as a variety of choices when choosing books. It's important for students to challenge themselves when reading but it is also important for students to read for enjoyment. Don't we all like reading about topics we enjoy? Please continue to encourage your child to read at home and have a "balanced diet" of reading options.


We continue to work on multiple strategies for solving multiplication problems. Next week we will begin to look at division strategies. I hope you received the information about the upcoming Math Night where families can learn how to help their child with some fun and games mixed in!

Word Work

This week students received a list of 14 sight words that we will be working to master over the next two weeks. Each month students will get a list of words, some sight words and some with unique spelling patterns that match their current spelling level. We will begin having weekly spelling tests in early October. Students will be asked to spell a random selection of words from the list as well as write a sentence or two (which I will dictate) to demonstrate their understanding of word usage and punctuation. 
I would encourage students to practice using and spelling the words from their list at home. Here are some ideas:

  • Search for words from the list in their current book of choice.
  • Write the letters of the word on a strip of paper, cut it apart, mix, then put it back together.
  • Write the words with a white crayon and watercolor paint over the words to reveal the letters.
  • Build the words with magnetic letters or form the letters with small toys or objects like legos and pennies. 
  • Cut the letters out of magazines to spell the words.
  • Spell the words while doing jumping jacks or leaps.
  • Do a practice test!

Student Council

Wow, we had a lot of students interested in running for our class student council representatives. Several students wrote speeches explaining their character traits and qualities. It was wonderful to listen to each of them bravely get up in front of the class. Students voted and the winners were...

Rayden and Sydney 

Shout Outs and Working Together

Has your child told you about our Shout Out board? Students write a compliment about another student and post it on the board. 

Working together has kind of become our thing. :)

Carnival Basket Time!

We will be starting to collect carnival basket donations next week! If anyone is available to wrap up our basket on or before Thursday, October 20th that would be wonderful.
The class and I brainstormed ideas and I chose, shockingly, the "Teacher Survival Kit" basket idea.
If you are able to send items in before October 15th that would be really helpful. Thank you so much.

Here is a list of what every teacher needs:

Coffee (K-cups or a fun package of ground coffee beans)
Coffee Mug (Travel or Regular)
Motrin (or other pain reliever)
Dayquil (or other daytime de-congestant)
Neck warmer
High-Quality Stapler
High Quality Staples
Gift Cards:
(Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Subway,
Willow Tree, Tim's Pizza, Bigby, Starbucks)
Hand Sanitizer
Paper Clips
Post-it Notes
Water Bottle
Tide to Go Stain Pen
Lint Roller
Wisp Mini-Travel Toothbrushes
Hand Lotion

Have a Great Weekend!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Our First Week as a TEAM!

WHOOSH! There Went the Week!

I hope your child had a fabulous week! Above anything else, as their teacher, it is my passion and mission to create thinkers. No matter what your child's strength, I want each child to feel valued and important in our classroom. We talked A LOT, about what a growth mindset is and what it means. I hope your child has been educating you on this idea.

The Blog

This website will be your window into our classroom. We also have a Twitter handle, check us out on Twitter @hubbheadlines. I will begin tweeting some of our weekly accomplishments next week. If you are not on Twitter, don't worry, you will find all the information you need here at Hubbard's Headlines.


If you do not have access to the internet and worry you might miss something, I am happy to send a paper copy of our bi-weekly post to you on Friday. Please indicate, on the paper flyer sent home today in the STAR Binder, that you would like a paper copy of the newsletter and I will be sure to send it your way.


This blog is public! Prior to the school year beginning, I indicated to you that I share information with other teachers on blogs and Twitter. If you chose to agree to the terms on the form, you will see photos and information (only positive) about your child online. If you have changed your mind or have concerns, please let me know! Your input is important to me but I don't know unless you touch base with me. Please remember you can contact me at hubbarb@olivetschools.org or by phone 749-4611.

Snack Info

All snack information and snack calendars are posted here on the blog. To find them, look near the top of the page and click SNACK INFORMATION. It will take you to the snack calendars and policies for our class. Due to significant allergies within our classroom, I WILL NOT allow students to bring food in the classroom that does not have proper ingredients listed. YES, that means, students who bring in baggies of snacks will not be allowed unless it is accompanied by an ingredient list. I realize this might be challenging, however, I know you would all agree that EVERY child's safety is of the utmost importance and no one would ever want to jeopardize that safety. Thank you so much for reviewing the policy and respecting the procedures I have put in place. As always, if you EVER have concerns or questions please ask.

The FUN Stuff

We had an awesome week! I have had a wonderful time getting to know each and every one of your children. Thank you for trusting me as their teacher. Here are some moments from the week.

Marshmallow Challenge Winning Team! 
This group built a structure from tape, string, 20 pieces of spaghetti and teamwork. Their structure was 17.5 inches high! 

What are math stems? As we learned to work together we had to discuss how to talk to each other. These are sentence starters, or stems, that helped students frame their statements and questions in a respectful and collaborative way. 

We have a MANTRA (statement or slogan repeated frequently). We will always try to "Find one Good Thing" even when it gets hard! Our growth mindset chart is also pictured.

How do we work together? We follow eight simple procedures. The chart below shows and reminds students what we need to do when working with a partner or group. Students of all ages (and even us adults) sometimes needs these reminders. Take a peek!

I hope this post was informative! Please remember, if you need a paper copy of the information listed, I need to know. I will assume if I do not hear from you, that you have access to this blog. If you have any questions, NEVER hesitate to ask me. I am more than willing to check-in and give you updates on your child's progress and general well-being.