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Friday, November 4, 2016


The kids and I had a fantastic week! Halloween was a super success and they really did an amazing job even with all the distraction of candy, costumes, and craziness.

Snack Helpers Next Week:

M-Owen (Happy Birthday)


We are in the throes of our persuasive essay unit! The class worked on some flash drafts, brainstorming topics, leads, and intros this week! We also worked on using a "boxes and bullets" strategy for planning and discussed the difference between statements and opinion statements.


The class finished up Winn Dixie and we watched the film on Monday. Through the beginning of the week, we used favorite characters and connected it to our essay unit. Students also wrote some reflections about the book and we discussed themes and characters. We began a new chapter book on Tuesday! 


We are working hard to become fluent multipliers! We continue to work on seeing the relationship between multiplication and division. This week we worked on strategies for multiplying by 3's and 4's. Students also worked to create equations with two operations!

Twitter INFO

I have a classroom Twitter account but have found it difficult to get to my computer during the day to capture moments. It's a little easier on my phone, which is connected to my personal account. So, that said, if you want to check out my personal Twitter page @Betsy_writes you will see occasional tweets. I also tag @FPE_Olivet and #EagleNationPride.

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