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Monday, November 28, 2016

Quick Update

Though it may not be necessary, I did want to apologize for my frequent absences and lack of communication lately. Just as I would be understanding of you I’m sure you are understanding of my situation. Please know that I am in the midst of playing catch up and sifting through a lot of paperwork to prepare for report cards. The end of the trimester is Friday and report cards will be coming home sometime after December 8th. This week I am focusing on checking in on several skills to see where some holes may be and will attempt to fill them before assessment time.

This week I will do a quick assessment to see if students have jumped a level. If it appears they have moved I will try my best to do a full assessment prior to report cards. These assessments are very time consuming but I will do my best.

I am hoping to do a final essay this week to score on Friday. I will be looking for paragraph development, strong opinions supported by reasons and evidence, as well as good structure, punctuation, and capitalization.

We are reviewing everything this week. I will be developing a review for students to use prior to a check-in assessment. We have taken three quizzes this trimester. Those scores along with fluency checks for multiplication and the review assessment will all determine the final grades on the report card. I will send the review home by Friday and we will have the review assessment early next week to give us plenty of time.

Social Studies:
Students took their unit one test today. We will begin our new unit sometime next week.

Students have had two spelling tests as well as multiple check-ins during writing conferences to give me a good reference for spelling progress. We did not get a new list in November so students will receive a short list of 6-8 words in December to be tested before the winter break.

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