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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Party Plan

Hi families! 
I bet you've been wondering what our plan for next Tuesday will be. 
I've got it here for you. 

Party Food and Plan

Next Tuesday, December 20th we will have an end of 2016 celebration. This week we are reading stories from the Little House on the Prairie picture book series. This ties in with our current social studies unit. On Tuesday, we will watch the first episode from the television series to get a better idea of what life was like back in "the old days."

We will snack on some safe movie snacks/treats. We made a plan today and decided who would bring what items to the party. Please check with your child, if he/she opted to bring something it should be written in your child's planner.

Gift Exchange

We will also have a gift exchange. We talked at length about this and how it will work. Students will be gifting each other with school supplies. We brainstormed many options (pens, markers, crayons, notebooks, pencils, erasers, scissors, paints, glue, etc.). I ask that students please try to spend right around $5.00 on their gift. I also mentioned, because this is VERY short notice, that anyone who is unable to supply a gift will be given some items to wrap for the exchange. I am happy to provide these items. If you know in advance that it will be too challenging to purchase items for the exchange please let me know. I will do the shopping this weekend.

If students could please send the wrapped up school supplies labeled with their name and the words "to a boy" or "to a girl" by next Monday that would be great! Girls will exchange with girls and boys with boys. We will play a fun game to exchange the gifts so please do not put another students name on the gift.

I will be adding more TenMarks Assignments soon! 

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