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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Highlights from the Week!

I hope the first few weeks of school have been a success for all! Students have been working really hard to be independent, persevere, and take responsibility.

Picture Day is September 27th 

Don't forget to peek at the snack calendars. They are located at the top of this page if you click "Snack Information" and scroll down. Images of the snack calendar are near the bottom. If you click the image, it will enlarge for you to read. Thanks for being great snack helpers this week!

Next Week's Snack Helpers:






This week students wrote a letter to a "future student" about a time they struggled and how they got through the difficulty. We also worked in our notebooks and tried out some exercises related to including details in our personal narrative stories. Last week, we took a little trip to the playground to work on writing with sensory details!  


Reading habits and attitudes can make or break a reading life. Students are learning to notice the good and the bad. We talked about setting goals and working through distraction when reading. I am in the process of assessing reading levels so students can make good choices as well as a variety of choices when choosing books. It's important for students to challenge themselves when reading but it is also important for students to read for enjoyment. Don't we all like reading about topics we enjoy? Please continue to encourage your child to read at home and have a "balanced diet" of reading options.


We continue to work on multiple strategies for solving multiplication problems. Next week we will begin to look at division strategies. I hope you received the information about the upcoming Math Night where families can learn how to help their child with some fun and games mixed in!

Word Work

This week students received a list of 14 sight words that we will be working to master over the next two weeks. Each month students will get a list of words, some sight words and some with unique spelling patterns that match their current spelling level. We will begin having weekly spelling tests in early October. Students will be asked to spell a random selection of words from the list as well as write a sentence or two (which I will dictate) to demonstrate their understanding of word usage and punctuation. 
I would encourage students to practice using and spelling the words from their list at home. Here are some ideas:

  • Search for words from the list in their current book of choice.
  • Write the letters of the word on a strip of paper, cut it apart, mix, then put it back together.
  • Write the words with a white crayon and watercolor paint over the words to reveal the letters.
  • Build the words with magnetic letters or form the letters with small toys or objects like legos and pennies. 
  • Cut the letters out of magazines to spell the words.
  • Spell the words while doing jumping jacks or leaps.
  • Do a practice test!

Student Council

Wow, we had a lot of students interested in running for our class student council representatives. Several students wrote speeches explaining their character traits and qualities. It was wonderful to listen to each of them bravely get up in front of the class. Students voted and the winners were...

Rayden and Sydney 

Shout Outs and Working Together

Has your child told you about our Shout Out board? Students write a compliment about another student and post it on the board. 

Working together has kind of become our thing. :)

Carnival Basket Time!

We will be starting to collect carnival basket donations next week! If anyone is available to wrap up our basket on or before Thursday, October 20th that would be wonderful.
The class and I brainstormed ideas and I chose, shockingly, the "Teacher Survival Kit" basket idea.
If you are able to send items in before October 15th that would be really helpful. Thank you so much.

Here is a list of what every teacher needs:

Coffee (K-cups or a fun package of ground coffee beans)
Coffee Mug (Travel or Regular)
Motrin (or other pain reliever)
Dayquil (or other daytime de-congestant)
Neck warmer
High-Quality Stapler
High Quality Staples
Gift Cards:
(Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Subway,
Willow Tree, Tim's Pizza, Bigby, Starbucks)
Hand Sanitizer
Paper Clips
Post-it Notes
Water Bottle
Tide to Go Stain Pen
Lint Roller
Wisp Mini-Travel Toothbrushes
Hand Lotion

Have a Great Weekend!

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