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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Homework FAQ

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Here are some common questions you might be having. Every teacher is a little different. If you ever have questions please give me a call or email. However, this might clear up any confusion you have related to homework.

Why doesn't my child have much homework this year?
I really believe strongly that children need down time as much as they need challenges. It is important to me that students work hard while at school. I understand that sometimes a worksheet or practice page is helpful to parents when they want to see exactly what their child is working on. However, I find that often this just creates busy work for students who already "get it" and confusion for those who are struggling. I will occasionally send a worksheet but more regularly I will send a game for practice with a skill. I hope this makes sense. For more information on homework, click on the tab labeled Homework Information at the top of this page.

How many minutes should my child be reading a night? Do I need to sign the bookmark?
Reading every day can really give your child an edge on accelerating not just their reading level but their confidence. I recommend that students read 80 or more minutes a week. That could be ten minutes one day, 30 minutes another day and so on depending on your schedule. As far as signing the bookmark, if you would like to get in the habit of signing it, this will likely be required in fourth grade. I will not be penalizing students that come to school without a signature. I will be having conversations with students if it looks like they are not reading at home regularly.

What is my child doing in math?
You can always check your child's planner to see what we have been learning in math workshop each day.

I see on the Homework Information tab it says 30-60 minutes of math practice a week. What types of things should my child practice?
I will occasionally send home a worksheet or activity. More often I will send a game or instructions for a game that can be practiced over and over. Other games that you have at home might be a good option as well. TenMarks is also an option for your child. Login information is in the planner.

If my child is struggling to do work at home, what should I do?
If your child is struggling to read his/her book or having difficulty completing a task, please let me know. I'm happy to help figure out if it is a problem with the skill or task.

Should I be signing the planner every night?
In fourth grade signing the planner every night will likely be expected. If you want to practice getting in the routine now you can sign it every night. I will not be checking for signatures. However, if you want to jot a note to me it is a good place to communicate, (as long as your child lets me know).

Will there be spelling tests?
Yes, we will begin spelling tests soon (in October). You can take a look at this newsletter for ideas when practicing the words for the week/month. If you ever need a new list just let me know!

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