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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chalk-A-Bration September 2013

What a lovely day and a wonderful time we had while we chalked on Friday! Check out our poem and illustrations. Some students added a few more words to add to our poem as well.
Our poem was inspired by a post on The Poem Farm by Amy Ludwig VanDerwater. Check it out here.

Be kind and caring
to brothers and sisters.
Give a toy
to a little person.
Be nice
to each other.
Say nice words.
Let someone play.
Hug somebody
when they need it.
Be nice to everyone.
Are you being nice?

 Everybody be nice. (An extra line from a student).

I will be kind. I will be nice. (Some nice lines from students).

  Love Saige
I love you. (Aw, such a sweet ending).