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Friday, February 24, 2017

Almost March


In reading this week the class reviewed how to write summaries of text. We also talked about our reading "identity" and what we look for when choosing books. I will be checking bookmarks every day next week. Please make sure your child is reading most evenings for 20 or more minutes. Initials on the bookmark are still not mandatory, however, if I see there are few pages recorded on the bookmark this may become a requirement for some children. As always, if you prefer to sign the bookmark, you are more than welcome to do so.


This week in writing, we reviewed when and where to elaborate in our stories. We had to back up a bit and draft one more realistic fiction story before we can begin Information writing.

We also talked a lot about complex sentences and ways to consolidate shorter sentences. 


Subtraction has been our focus this week as we reviewed all the strategies we have learned for both addition and subtraction. Many students were utilizing what they know about addition. This is a great connection to make, however, several were making errors. I think we cleared up the confusion this week. Here is one example:



Students also brought home a new game today, How Far From 100. Be sure to check it out this weekend. Digit cards can easily be made with scrap paper at home or a deck of cards can be used as well.


Information for conference schedules came home today. Please review the document your child brought home and respond if necessary. I'm looking forward to reviewing your child's report card together and discussing progress and steps forward.

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