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Monday, May 22, 2017

Home Stretch!

JUNE is Around the Corner!
We are in the final weeks of the school year! Hopefully, you noticed your child brought home their yearbook on Friday.

We are finished with NWEA and MStep testing for the year. The students did a nice job of showing respect to each other during our testing sessions and worked quietly.

We will be leaving shortly after the start of school on Wednesday to visit the Lansing Symphony. Please have your child to school on time every day, but especially Wednesday!

Sheepshank notes came home a little over a week ago. I received several back from parents interested in helping. I will send a confirmation note this week with instructions! Thanks to those who were able to volunteer or donate snacks!

One of the projects we completed at the end of our poetry unit and to add a little fun during the testing season was our If I Were...poems. Take a look and have a great week!

Class Collaborative Poem

A few featured poets!

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